Monday, 20 December 2010

2010 Places visited part 2

Final recap of 2010

Taken in Scarborough - normally I wouldnt attempt to capture a bird and can't say i have done this perfectly but best shot i have managed so far

Cambridge bikes

Wedding Photography - poor little bridesmaid with chickenpox

Charnwood Druids celebrating Spring Equinox

Lincoln on the quay

Grace Dieu

This is probably one of my worst ever blurry shots, however it has a strong appeal to me

Leicester last saturday

Music shot for the challenge

Lincoln Cathedral -liked the chairs

Hairdressing in Birmingham - happy shop 
Liked the shot of the Louvre

Gina and Mils

Nottingham shot

At the Louvre

Metro Paris

La Defense - Paris

Walking along the canal in Paris

Priest in Lincoln cathedral

Jogger in the Woods - Woodhouse

Scarborough early morning shot


Southend Pier

Wedding Shots

Further Green Plastic Revival

Sunday, 19 December 2010

challenge 32

Passing by fishmarket in Venice where i happened on a chopped squid

Flooding in Venice

Another rainy shot from Venice

Very pleased with this one - subject flamboyant person 
Also pleased with this one,, one of the many lovely squares in Venice

Subject Retro - went for a timeless classic, shot in Venice

Christmas Cloggers

Oh dear,  that time is nigh... shopping in Leicester for presents,  just has to be done... Why o Why are there so many Christmas Cloggers.

So named, as they clog up the way into shops whilst they clock up the up-coming bargains for January sales.

Please un-clog and shop in January!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

2010 Places Visited

Photos previously undeveloped from 2010
 pls enlarge - Birmingham
pls enlarge - Another from Birmingham

Cambridge - Out of class lessons 

 pls enlarge Cirencester High Street
Jak- May



Liverpool - Curlers are in !!!!

Nottingham Castle exhibiting Mr Chips - Mary Austin

Computerised --- let's hope so!! Melton Hospital

Urbex - Melton Hospital

New Brighton - pls enlarge

New Brighton - Best place visited this year!!!

New Brighton,, hard thing to capture is the immense space this place has


Venice - Early morning shot