Saturday, 28 January 2012

Before the new year closes

A Christmas Carol at the Town Hall
 As I develop and input photos today listening to
Black Keys 'Lonely Boy'


I'll drink is ealth, begrudgingly says the Cratchitts
Me one of the ghost of christmas past, taken by DI
Liked the shadows!
Scrooge AKA Chris

Bit of Leicester, visited loads of times throughout December ... developed in lightroom from raw files.. took me ages whilst listening to a track recommended by Yusef.  Cathy Davey ' Neat and clean'

 Rossi's queue, whatever the weather

Playing with my new toy Nikon D7000 now firmly attached to Nikor 35mm lens

Hanging around the clock tower

 I still don't get Ugg's, they look so horrible when they collapse and deform the foot

Hello Glenn,  so very welcome stop at a bar in Leicester and hello Bulgaria

Freeze on the boots
 New landlord at the frog and nightgown.. made very welcome

playing with light and shadows

2 steps to the right

Why,, well if you click on it and enlarge look in the bus and see

Street pastors in multi cultural Leicester complete with occupy

 Maybe she needs sunglasses.. December full glare

Too much fabric!
Town Hall Square ...City Council a very nice effort!

Still working on this end to new year.. and now listening to Bishop Allen's Click Click Click,  apt and recommended by Steve

Back to more Leicester
City Rooms shot.. colour flood was so rich

Do your own thing

 Rossi's again

Listening to Boston 'More than a feeling'
As I still continue to update December

First out of sequence.. so the following is mix of Loughborough and Leicester.
Shot in Loughborough market place on a saturday

Loughborough again... 'No, she screamed, don't take my picture'.  Sorry love but if you will go out shopping in your PJ's you asked for it
 Rossi's again.. so, I have developed a strange leaning towards this little shack, Loving the way that this still draws ice cream buyers

Pleased with the comments from Flickr on this.  It is cluttered however still this great group of people and I still like it

Ways of messaging. Would Lewis Carrol approve?

Back to Loughborough and this guy I have seen around for quite some time, this time when I asked the charity (his open hat on the floor)  he at last answered honestly  'for himself'

Bit of Elvis Costello 'Don't want to go to Chelsea'

and lastly onto New Years Eve.. Mum, Pen and I met Bill, Paula and Tim in London for the day.., booked tickets in advance for 12pm exhibition entry for Grayson Perry's latest 'Tomb of the unknown'

Shot outside the British Museum

 Bill and I went up to the viewing window

The end on the Strand

Early Start

Take a ride on Humilty with Alan Measles.. Hope he is safe, believe he has been to a few states,, make it back Measles you are mine..... Pen bring him back!

Brilliant exibition and must remember CREATIVITY IS OFTEN JUST A MISTAKE
Grayson curated, the show a mx of his own latest pieces including beautifully captioned and illustrated iconic ceramic vases

His centrepiece was a huge coffin ship.. all other pieces gathered from the British all by unknown artists

This has been a mammoth task, perseverence to complete continues

Let Thy Feet

Outside the British

 Truffle-gar Square getting ready for the fireworks

So New Years Eve... with Mum and Pen listening to Vinny The Cock

He was truly awful and well deserved of his title ....   what a prat.. .at 12pm instead of letting people count down the New Year ' No, I have to play my next track'  till Emma pulled the plug


Strange encounter on the way back

End of,,,