Monday, 30 August 2010

Explaining Art

NO, not demonic children with evil guardian .........

Random Shots

mum's lovely start to 'explaination of a piece of art in a museum'
Derelict building in Liverpool - loved this!

Just walking by, very busy main street in Liverpool - so out of place

Shot in New Brighton, peaceful scene

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Gem and the big head

Oh no,,, im steaming up and cant get the hat off

hello Gem with the big head and fielding a dog ball thrower..
lovely day with mum also brent, bill, paula, gem, gina, chris, ricky, jak, millie and finn. also Tom popped in for a v. fleeting visit. Indoor BBQ! was going to have it at the boat but the weather is too Autumnal.
BOAAAAT MAMA so we gem and i too jak to feed the ducks
Jak has a bit of strange accent its not exactly english and sounds a little asian and sometimes french,, quite exotic really
eg..mama is shillverrrr
(meaning mama's car is silver)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Paris & Venice Looming thought I would revisit Prague

Lovely trip to Prague Last year, just for a long weekend - some shots of my favourite bits. Firstly - The Peace Wall - Beautiful graffitti - inspired by John Lennon song lyrics
- Old Jewish Cemetary - THIS WAS AS COLD AS I COULD MAKE IT -even though it wasn't

Bones, Bones & more - whole church covered -even a huge chandelier made of skulls and this shot showing the jaws - fascinating.. PAID a taxi driver to take me here after i read about on the net

Bit more of this wonderful piece of art

Sunday, 15 August 2010

more millie

mils adores the schnake

fairy cakes made by mum

riding on a nonie,,,,

millie is 1

Happy Birthday dear Milster happy birthday to you!!!
and we,, mum, brent, gem, chris, schnakes, tom and dawn celebrated her 1st birthday in essex

Sunday, 8 August 2010

more london

thats for him! he he ,, this ice-cream was horrible, the woman said 'its a little soft' - she was bloody right there,, it flipping dripped - we are not sick yet!!

latest on the plinth, trafalgar square

This took a bit of finding, pagan tributes to the winchester geese - crossbones burial ground

shot from top of tate modern where the most fantastic exhibition is now on.. exposed! voyeurism, surveillance & the camera.. worthwhile paying the tenner to get in. Some of the photos, i felt like turning round to see if anybody was watching me looking, felt like i was intruding! Amazing!