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Little Strangers Sarah Waters

Shingles is annoying and boring.. book needed and this one given to me by my sister Paula to have a read.
                                                                     The Little Stranger
Her description of the house is wonderful and Ms Waters made me as attached to it as Dr Faraday. The creepiness of the story is also great but the ending was disappointing.. 'YOU' shouted Caroline (before her cat scramble to hit the floor from the balcony) overheard by the servant girl.  Who was you?  Very annoying how it ended!

Also, just read Kate Atkinson's 'Started early took my dog' I very much enjoyed this book.  Fantastic characters and a wicked plot. I adore the way she flits from one storyline to another, past to present and never feeling lost. Red herring thrown in at the end 'Map of Africa' where had Jackson Brodie seen this before.. well it's certainly not in this book! Other than that tis my read of the month so far.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Trialling Ghosting

One of the challenge subjects for 43 - ghosting.. trialling a few

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sunset over the fields

looking for a good colour

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Happy Birthday Mama Boats

My flickr stream


I'll sing you one song.. green grow the rushes O

 LUSHLY scenes, a hop,skip and a jump away on a sunny later afternoon

Friday, 8 July 2011

Xtreme Stunts

Foolhardy, Reckless and utterly brilliant.. stunts from Xtreme Stunts Southfields Park, Loughborough

One poor stunstman landed on his knees and that must have hurt

Not connected!!!!!!

Get his helmet off.. said the commentator (lil bit panicky voice)

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