Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday

Wonderful Bank Holiday started with a good lot of the family spending time together at Mum's.
Followed on the sunday by yet more family time at Gems's with highlights being Jak & Millie

This is cute little Millie she is just 10 months old, bit unwell with a chest infection - however this didnt hold her back when dancing with Jakob.

Jakob - 2 in july - very funny little boy who loves to dance and have everybody watch his every move.

Monday off on the bike to skegness -
vroooooooooooooooooom vrooooooooooooooommmmmmm

Friday, 21 May 2010

Week So Far

Week So Far

Poor lil schnake has a tummy bug and i have missed my run to the nursery to pick him up,,, hummmmmp i had many new steelye songs to teach him.....well save the 'spotted cow then till next week'

Sniggola - Name of one of Sally (my colleague) customers.. not pronounced snig oh la - i have been schniggering on and off since i heard it .. ha ha.. (im still tittering) - what a great name!

Commiserations that my other half has spent his friday night tinkering with the black beastie motorbike that since purchased 5 days ago was pulling a sickie , however now runnng fine -yipee

Yummy! this delicious hazlenut fudge is fantastic, i had eaten mine within 15 minutes of being given as a lovely holiday present from my brother (whitby), i guess partner didnt like the nuts as i have counted 3 on the floor all polished clean and in a perfect shape

Bird (some strange canary )is fine survived 4 days without my mum.. bird (No name) is over 20 years old, has one eye (other just sort of disappeared a year or so ago) and a broken long toe - why= last week Jak (who adores bird) pitched a high squeal, frightened bird, who - flipped himself under the perch - hanging upside down and unable to right himself. After Mum had manhandled him upright noticed that he had a dangly toe - however he is still ok..
Tension mounts and have been feeling very.......bitey, scratchy and , and , and (cant think of a bitey enough word) - results in next week.

Speaking of which.. visited a very strange farmer today - pulled up along the dirt track and saw (which i spotted the previous night) a row of young bulls.. being fed by the farmer.. after blah blah blah blag plead .. ' can i ' 'they are so cute' 'remember me from years ago family blah blah' managed to get the go ahead to shoot AND GOT some great shots ..
Ha ha,, the best one was the cow with his tongue up his snout.. class -
FARMER is also a beep beep beep.. after hearing my exclaimation of cute cows. + 'what these stupid bastards.. oh and when he was feeding them from the wheelbarrow,knocked one of them on the head. oh oh oh.. wish i could have knocked his head - HARD

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Be Gone & Welcome

Be Gone to you fire,, you have kept us warm all winter but what hard work you are... you need firelighters (im not that good he he), kindling,logs and smoke free coal . i spend far too much wiping away the black smog you leave.. you 've cost us packet for the last 7 months and we are glad to see the back of YOU..

Welcome to you, the irritating flying lil critters that as from dusk every eve, hone in on any bright light circling and eventually embedding yourself - to death, on the glass of the lamps - still early the mosquitos are not here .....YET

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Final Jack of the day

Jack - counting his spoils, 17 thousand 500, 18,000 BINGO!!


Jack Jack Jack,
Head in a sack,
The house is getting colder,
This is not the time for dreaming.

Chimney stack
Starting to crack,
The mice are getting bolder,
The floor's gone slack,
Your mother's getting older,
Your father's not back,
And you can't just sit here dreaming pretty dreams.

To wish and wait
From day to day
Will never keep
The wolves away.

So into the woods
The time is now.
We have to live,
I don't care how.
Into the woods
To sell the cow,
You must begin the journey

Fantastic Sondheims' 'Into The Woods' just love that horrid twist on fairy tales.. following the wishes and journeys of some favourite childrens characters

Jack. Jack The Steeplejack

Jack,Jack the Steeplejack, my grandad Jack Hersham Cope who fearlessly climbed these huge belching beasts - Me, I'm afraid of heights so no great inheritance. Took this shot about a month ago and recently added a plume of green smoke for the digi art section of BBPhotochallenge (click on the link always lovely to have new voters)

Monday, 17 May 2010

Skallywag 2

Skeletons in the attic - most of us have them, skeleton in the lock up - yes i have one of those. Acquired at a party by my other half ex medical use with some parts missing (and before you ask i have no idea) I know exactly where it is and now and again, think i must do something about it.. but what!!! report it,, hand it over to the police like a weapon amnesty,, do they have body amnesty days???


Spotted this in Leicester Newarke Museum , just exiting when happened to glance up and saw this. really liked the shadow - very happy with this!