Thursday, 26 May 2011

Amercian Road Trip with St Scooby Doo

The Big Easy and day 9 of our road trip
 Up for breakfast at the swanky hotel and oh no.. they are discussing yet again the royal wedding and the people that are there are glued to the screen as they discuss the disclosure or not of the wedding dress
 We just had to take a trolley ride through New Orleans

The Garden District was beautiful,, huge house and dappled streets and oh its hot.. very very

Inside the trolley bus and i missed the anti-abortionists with their huge placards

getting hotter 

   and were dickering over whether to spend the afternoon at the jazz fest going on.. well we would be stupid to miss it

waiting at the bus stop

Yay arrived and that was quite a trip.. liked the  composition

Entrance fee paid 60 whopping dollars each.. but man was it worth it..

Oooh what to see first.. Gospel tent with the happy clappies

The Indian stage

the costumes were brilliant

also developed in mono and was pleased with the results

BIG FAT FLEAS... quite liked them in the Etufa dish but no.. on their own.. NOT SO MUCH

GET HIM... done!   
it is so very very hot here and we dip from bit to bit eating, drinking and finding shade

ahhh sno balls.. great lumps of coloured ice.. lovely

Bon Jovi and Arcade Fire are both playing BUT NOT TODAY!
Listened to the Mumford Boys (Brit band,, never heard of them,, but big here)  music was goooood


SAMPLAGE of most tents and suprisingly although it's called Jazz Fest ,, we saw just one Jazz tent and for me it was the highlight of the fest.. loved it.. they band were utterly superby (no i realise that isnt a word but my finger types it everytime.. so darn it.. its gonna stay)

and they danced with little umbrellas,, all around the jazz tent

just had to fish-eye this one.. no not with the lomo but in-camera.. the D90 which i very much like

grabbed a taxi to the Hotel sun something in Maiterie... NO the lift has broken hmmm.. saw no sign of one and 3 floors up.. but its at a sweet 90 dollars for the night.. yes we can expect no breakfast.. heee hee
the room smells of dog and pipe so we do not stop to admire it muchly but head straight out back to the french quarter and this time im taking my camera..

OOOOh Nawlins.. as they pronounce it .. i just love it here.. back on to Bourbon street - they hellish develish road
stopped to admire one of the many street entertainers

No repeat of last night ,, where i got a smack in the mouth from an apologetic boisterous dancer and Pen did not get a drunken old man fall on her totally (all he was concerned with was not spilling his booze)  so all good. as we strolled along in the sultry humid blue electric heat/ lit street

went to the voodoo shop .. where we sniggered at the alter and i saw in the back a turban clad young black girl who stared at me.. NO.. DONT TOUCH THE BLOODY BOOKS says Pen reading a sign they take umbrage.. DONT TOUCH THE ALTER (which i didnt)  say the signs.. DO NOT TAKE PHOTO'S ok get the hint.. they we watched as the bloke behind the counter smacked his head with his fist really really hard
THWACK  got a metal plate in it he says to the woman he was serving.
Bought Sal a book on witchcraft (which she can use to turn glen into a frog hee hee) and out the door

STOPPED for a palm reading .utterly crap,.. i fed him it all and then watched gleefully as Pen gave him nothing and he floundered.. 
she has a square palm by the way 
so up onto canal street we go

 and then we start to see musicians on the streets

  and a few not so nice parts
   and the big easy firemen
  and we are in the Maurney district and on to Frenchmans Street.. the jewel in the crown and this is what we were wanting.. thank you Val

and so begins a very very long road,, filled with bars and music and more music from the streets and into the first bar.. the voodoo bar.. filled with dollies and pictures 

and Marie Laveau's mummified cat which they found inbetween the walls as they demolished her house

yippeeee and smoking is allowed everywhere - harolds are allowed

back onto the best street ever.. i wish i could put this in my pocket.. Pen says she could happily live here.. and yes so could I.
have to say they were all good that we saw.

Harold passed to the chess player
speaking to the ring pickers other half whilst she chose his WEDDING RING.. they got married today and they were an absolutely gorgous looking couple.. saw the photos of the day 

  another sampleage

these were absolutely brilliant..should have bought their CD

wonder what he is tattooing hee hee

healing on the streets.. anything goes here


TAXi back as we got a little drunk.. and slept so well in the doggy motel.