Tuesday, 27 July 2010

challenge 22

chose not to use biggle bags again, as he doesnt cop me much pointage,, however he was considered for the alternative B&W
Anything goes' and this was mine.. lots of lightroom work on this- i liked this dancing tree, she looks great in see through clothes!

this is my colour shot.. i called it a row of pink
and i have to say i dont particularly like it.. but as always left it a tad too late to catch another

subject was the 2 of us.. i saw these boys at bradgate park having fun.. and liked the twosome of the lads as well as the net and bucket. but it didnt cop many votes

black & white entry - shot at st. augustine's

film noir subject - my gemsie pops

subject for this was 'THIS IS SO WRONG' oh dear oh dear.. spotted this chappie at birstall steam train,,, now this is high season, can sort of understand the wellies in the brambles when your an anorak.. BUT not NOT The wooly hat.. dearie dear.. on the up side ,, the dear boy is winning me loads of points.. HOOrah

Monday, 26 July 2010


big glasses another hen do on the streets
fantastic junk shop.. eclectic mix of old and rubbish with the mixed spicy smell around
banksey cat on the side wall.. see it!
so as you do,, gets talking.. was intersted,, so here they are in the city in thye gardens doing a graND JOB.. LOVE IT.. they say were visiting and although its the law of the land in the county they come from NOT to encourage the flying rats.. they plead ignorance.. straight off the bus.. into the cheapo shop to buy bird seed and PLEASURE IS ALL THEIRS oh and the pigeons of course ha ha


MEERCAT!!not fricking mongooose ha ha ha
New baby piggies at snugburys, had a double new flavour,, hazlenut and melted chocolate ohhh and a strawberry cheesecake topping yummmmmmmmmmmmmy

compare the ice cream DOT. COM... oooh new straw model at snugburys.. oh and whilst there real live mongoose but couldnt quite catch the polish twang!!however CLAIM

TO fame... bill & brent said i stood next to shandy the dancing dog's lady (you know,, britains got talent) ha ha.. NO.. nah dont blame ya for not watching.. it was utter bollocks.

NEW LENS.. still shiny and loving it!!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Clever fricking stupid,, maybe the latter! but the next challenge demands motion with a blur so what better way. Loughborough market place and the flower daleks never looked so good!

bendy bends deeply dippy

Saturday, 17 July 2010

St Augustines Church

restricted access for this shot due to floor caving in, in parts and still on my month sole use of 35mm lens - must say really like it!!!!
Thought about it, but then nahhhhh just couldnt do it

Brent spotted this last week and we decided to take a look-see today. Poor church left to rack and ruin after the last major arson attack - just a shell

You could still see fragments of stained glass , twisted and melted

alot of weeds to push through

Friday, 16 July 2010

challenge 21

lucky shot in leicester for colour subject.. asked the balloon man to pose

this was a shot for the subject out of place... shot this down on my stomach ,late afternoon of the fated england match so onlyu people about were women and children.. these boots are always there, not in the same position - but always there

frog island - gritty shot with what i hope captured glimmers of menace and foreboding

suprised this clown.. well had just got my new lens IN YER FACE shot - i love this one

Bradgate Park

me mummy in bradgate park
oi oi,, who is this Herman the German No No tis a camera strap not his short straps,, its me bro bill

Lizard Eye

Over the years, my daughter Gem has practiced this party piece. I hadn't noticed until she told me.. now i can't stop from looking at it. How amazing, its almost a goat eye but Chris says she has a LIZARD EYE!

Sunny Day In Looggaburrugah

I had the most fantastic birthday - Gina and Mils came down from Essex and on the saturday went to loogabarruuuga for a nice bit of tea and toast at the park cafe.
Mils says quite a few words and is really very clever, she pulls hersklf up now and wants your hands to walk her. She says dog, cat and loves to say pop where she emphasises the last P, she also tries clock but without the L

Love this picture of her

Jak loved the bandstand and did not want to leave

Happy shot taken just before we had tears as we strapped
him in the chariot

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Gemma & Chris's

Jakob is one strong little boy

The Nonie, The Nonie,
The Nonie is a Pony,
The Monkey The Monkey
The monkey's on the Nonie.
One of Gemma's own

Gem, Mel & Vic

New Lens - £164 not a penny badly spent

New Lens, love it!!!!
3 lovely ladies in town hall square, leics.

Preferred gritty frog island canal

The lovely biggles

Every roundabout, all villages surrounding Loughborough whoop whoop - anyone got any red paint????

Night Shots too,, wow this lens is incredible

Another biggle bag shot