Monday, 27 September 2010

Millie Moo

Millie Moo and with her mummy Gina and Daddy Ricky on a visit

Spot Jak

Mum with Millie Moo and the Schnakob
Mum  and Millie Moo

Challenge 26 my shots

These are my challenge 26 shots for BBphotochallenge

B&W ' Privy' shot at Old Manor House, Long Clawson on their free open day. 6 points on this one

Colour Subject - did very well on this 14 points and a win. Liked not only the colours but also the way the legs are positioned with the 2 bare legged girls in the back ground

Anything Goes subject 'Riding High at the Pride' fantastic lady boy

Subject Flower shot in mums garden against her blue shed quite striking 11 points and 1 win 
Landscape - Liquid Gold, shot at Sileby Mill one dusky evening 9 points and 3 wins - yipeeeee

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Railway

Family time in the bar

The Railway Inn

Mum & Dad behind the bar
Some of the old timers in the bar including L  Grandad Jack Cope

Cope offspring in the beer garden

Grandad, Jack Cope

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Paris in Film

First shots from Bill's film camera which he kindly lent me and scanned the negs in.. Shot from the steps of La Defense, hideous monstrosity

really liked this one, shot inside the Pompidou

Seems to be the way to see the outside innards of the Pompidou

One of many street shots

Flea Market Of Europe

Paris flea markets are amazing - strolled through alleyways and precincts near to Montmartre. Eclectic mix of jumble and antique furniture........ huge chandeliers /shops devoted to all eras of furniture/jumbles of clothes and hairpieces/stuffed animals and whacky dummies/shoes,dresses, coats,silverware you name it,, its there!! Umbrage taken a couple of times at sneaky shots but otherwise clicking happy
This woman wanted something, Bill was allocated to deal with it he he.. alas my french is nowhere near allowed to come out of my mouth - thought the dog was a fox but turned out just looks like one (cant remember its name)


Lovely weekend trip to Paris with Bill and Steve. Walked miles. Some shots

Musical Trip Through The Years

starting with.....

The Railway.... my family home since the age of 9 when we moved here from Gloucestershire.

(family pics)

Aged 11 - dad bought me my first record player

Looked a bit like this

and my 3 records were
Abdul Abulbul Amir by Frank Crumit
(catch this tuneful little song on utube)

also by the same
Grannies Old Arm Chair, Loved the chorus
How they tittered, how they chaffed,
How my brother and my sister laughed
When they heard the lawyer declare
Grannies gone and left you her old arm chair
also on Utube

................and finally

Donald the Dub yes by Frank Crumit he he.

A golfing song.
All 3 i loved and so did my sisters and brother

Monday, 13 September 2010

Rags to Riches

Nice- invite to a rags to riches party on Saturday (dancing ladies) you take your clothes that you dont want, bit of story, stand up and wait for someone to shout for them Oh i was bricking it,, i mean, what if no-one wanted to claim the lil office dress from Zara that you have to admit to its cos im too fat for it ha ha,, or the Lilly Pullitzer shirt that my sis gave to me with its oh so vibrant colours (that made me look very yellowy ill the only time i wore it) ha ha so glad to see the back of them and i got cleared a space little did i realise that shout shout MINE and i brought back even more, still it was stuff i actually will wear!
the photo is of Claires toilet, so very nice i loved it

Monday, 6 September 2010

Diversity Of Leicester

Leicester and its diversity.. 2 sides of the clock tower, one Muslims and the other singing Christians - I like this alot!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

More Gay Pride Leicester

Trio of beauties supporting the pride
Leicester Sound

Uh Oh,, wrong way... not in the parade!

also not in the parade

Photos Gay Pride leicester

Great day out in Leicester yesterday - Gay Pride Leicester, always a nice happy atmostphere.. some pics
Didnt understand what this meant though??

Boys from the Dover

These looked so clean and tidy

Friday, 3 September 2010

7 days in

and its utter rubbish