Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Please play the following as you flick through the images,, sort of suits ... ADD your own WOOOOO when you feel the need

Blackpool in the light

The 43rd Annual Pigeon Convention... loved it!

Blackpool sights 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 January 1st..
First day of not smoking .
16.42pm feeling slightly sick and wearing a patch. so tempted to rip it off

Note to self.  You have a bad bad cough and smoking will make you feel much worse.


18.43pm  Cough cough cough cough
sucking sainsburys extra throat lozenges..... these are no substitue for a cigarette!

20.14pm ok a glass of Proseco really helps.. but i still want to punch the wall

2nd January

ok had a great day ... but on and off the craving for a cigarette was bad... so I read and read and diverted brain to a great cruise.. so
22.43pm  I have had 2 cigarettes already... note to self..  make surethe bloody patch is stuck onto skin and not to trousers. ... make that 3 for today actually