Monday, 18 April 2011


playing with spring

Finding a good spring shot for the challenge. ... some considerations

 Dead and dying spring shot

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunset across the fields

Up at 6am on a Sunday morning to catch a beautiful sunrise.. ... walk with me.. ...

Friday, 15 April 2011

rabbits in Loughborough further shots

Evening out in Loughborough where i spotted a few new rabbits plus the PV
Market Street Alley way to the vile car park

Charnwood Museum PV... look here he is new home for 2 months
 Liked the Gaudi Butterfly on what used to be according to mum where she used to go to do textiles at Loughborough college of art
Very near to reflections that was

Tip off from Catherine
 Dear Echo I guess.....

Baxter Gate fancy dress.. ha ha

Loved this on the door of the funeral directors on baxter gate
Hospital on Baxter Gate.. lovely building

Market Street,,, very colourful place not eaten here yet but will do

 Worst rabbit.

Baxter gate .. pub have no idea what it was called

Outside the retail park
 Sainsburys.. what the hell is behind that door ha ha
carpeting the windows with european newspapers


You cannot help but notice the huge amount of ladies now sporting tattoos aka tats. Decided to take a little look at it.

TRAMP STAMP /MUFFIN TOP (been informed that is what they are called) .. - BRENT'S ANGIE.

Compared to many i have seen this is a good tat,  there is a family who have a dentist chair in the middle of their kitchen and they happily tattoo each other. mother to father ,, daughter to mother, mother to son.. and the results...... how about this
imagine 2 hands palms upwards
1 hand.... tattooed  U    R    A
and the other C * * T
WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT,, imagine having to hand over money.. meet the bank manager.. oh no.. truly bad.
Then there is another.. KAYLEIGH tattooed on the inside of your arm from elbow  to wrist however the Y is the wrong way round and then the poor lad who is only 18 falls out with his Kayleigh oh dear.. not good.

Mum saw someone on the bus the other day with tattooed long earings on her neck, a beefy man size tat on her arm and she was, according to mum dressed in a really pretty dress but the tats just ruined her appearance.
Some are a bit like the drawings you do on your hands when you are at school, doodling to pass the time.
30 years on will they look like my dad's did!.. he was in the navy and had a few tats but they were all green and fuzzy. Hope todays tat artists give  a lifetime guarantee  that their work in 3 decades on will still have that colour and money back when the tats lose the design on  possible weight loss/gain, vein eruption
All fashions come to an eventual end.. Oh dear.. Not good..

Manchester leading the way.. tattooist's ply their trade & and next door.. tat removal centre.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Further Manchester

Few more developed shot in Manchester

Got a fascination with tattoos and how many people have them.. the cling filmed parts look painful

So many places to get them and just as many to have them removed

Like this shot of the bus between an alley

Just liked the scene

Manchester graffitti

he sang his heart out,, maybe someone took his number to book him,, but found the scene to the right more interesting

mods with a hard edge develop in lightroom

Busy people scene