Sunday, 31 October 2010


Got a part .... Town Hall in Feb yipeeeeeeeeeeeee

challenge 28

WILD subject... this was shot in Bridlington,,, wonder why they have a lampshade at the far end though????

SILHOUETTE subject.. shot Scarborough beach early in the morning  
COLOUR shot Scarborough at night

ALL ALONE subject.. also shot in Scar.

BLACK & WHITE ... another from Scar.

ANYTHING GOES.. shot in Whitby... if I wasn't a sales manager i could easily be a cafe owner but it would have to be this one

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What to choose,  the gossip or the cook.. me thinks the former and will now study the script!

Gem & Chris's kirewalk party

Lovely night spent at Gem & Chris's where they hosted a kirewalk party with  Mum, Brent,Gina, Ricky, Mils, Carol & Rod

Kirewalk... just how Jak describes it.. He was enthralled and shouted MORE MORE and told everyone to GET BACK he he 
Mils exhausted after a lively party

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Musical trip through the years part 3

Just had to note this... before i forget about it.. .was about 15, paula (sis) about 13. and pen (sis) 12 we decided to join .local youth club.. and also a few of our friends notably Marie and Mic Mac. Alan one of the helpers decided to run a youth acting troupe so we joined.. ha ha
this was very funny..  we put on this strange play that was totally rhyming sing song... and was all mime

i played granny
poor granny sways swings slowly round
clutches the air, falls faintly to the ground

and i just couldnt do this gracefully, i just fell down like a ton of funny
Pen was Princess Wakikiki whose father owned 5 horses and a yacht.

This play we perfomed at a village hall...... so you can imagine a bunch of kids giggling and ham acting their way through this...ALAN must have been v. impressed as he invited us to write our own play and then perform it at the town hall where other youth groups were also putting on their own plays.. think it lasted about 10 minutes.

This we did.. it started with me being a maid and being very very drunik all the way through it, we also had a ghost played by mic mac.  I wish i could remember this as mic mac and I picked up the best actor and actress award he he.


Babysitting tonight for Jakob the schnakob

jak in boots

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Work

14" Elegance Red
So many hours of my life are spent with these little things, just thought i would share this with you.

I breathe and live Christmas crackers and all the trimmings ie hats , blowers, rocket balloons for 6 months of every year, selling these to anyone and everyone especially large hotel groups.

6" Silver Mint

14" Amethyst Jewel
  These are just a very small selection and they are driving me CRACKERS

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Billy Bragg

Excellent.... Billy Bragg playing a freebie at One Leicester..fantastic

The Schnake

Jak playing with his chair

love the light on his face

full up!

Challenge 27

This was my anything goes shot.. its acutally cropped to half its size but thought the imposing grand background took away from the simple sunday afternoon rivalry of the local Paris boys

Taken at the Sacre Cour,, many artists all plying for trade

Colour entry..

Paris shot taken for entertainment

My man made - pyramids at the Louvre

Metro shot.. i like the fact the there are a row of people asleep, the girl clocked Bill when he took this shot
Canal in paris, liked the tree trunks so spindly looking and all with with a big hair-do

When i knew one of the challenges was waiter i was constantly on the look-out and this chap was just passing by. Love the blue hue on the night street with the brightly lit fruit & veg shop to the right - contrast perfect

Even Further Scarborough Photos

I could have watched her for ages, fantastic facial expressions

Alternative B&W for this challenge

Boy in Blue Wellies

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Musical Trip through the years Part2

So...... moving on from Crummitt

Aged  12  dancing in the old scouts hut on a saturday morning ballet, tap and acro.. whenever i hear down doo be doo down down comma comma ... (well thats what is sounds like and cant be bothered to google- so sally and mum dip your bread) im right back there with the shuffle hop tap then,  stretching at the barre with the big  mirror then typing up my blocks whilst listening to the perv on the piano playing some classical piece (took me a long while to appreciate this music)

Aged about oooh, about 13 got into the mournful moody songs of motown and just lived to sit in my friend Gail's house listening to Diana Ross & The Supremes.. worked myself even more into the hateful horrid teenager I was...

'Love child',, i pretended i was the scorned child with no name..he he.. strange girl I was, wearing my long coat with it's furry hood, bright yellow trousers etc. you get the gist (no fashion sense' whatsover)...
also David Essex, Donny Osmond (i did belong to the fan club), Sweet, Mud, Bay City Rollers (Paula, Pen and I all had some form of tartan clothes) Jackson 5 (the tv show was brilliant- saturday mornings love it)

also around this time I had organ lessons, Dad bought me an organ and I went to charnwood music school to learn it..honestly, I couldn't stand it 'in the shade of the old apple tree...POM POM.. did this for about 3 months before I really couldnt stomach it any more.

Then life changed... I was asked to babysit for hippies who lived in a very old crumbly house nr to Gail's. and my musical taste and style altered quite dramatically.
Alan (who was gay but also married to Joss) had 2 kids and they were horrible.. the boy aged 5 had green hair and the girl Abigail did nothing i asked her to do and they were constantly fighting...There was also Ev who was a die-hard lesbian and all 3 and the kids lived together.. Joss  who was very softly spoken and never shouted, wore long tied died dresses and jewellary (which she made herself)and they offered me dope , scotch and vodka when they came home and left me for hours with an ample supply of chocolate ,spare rib magazine. and free run of their music

Thank you to the hippies for introducing me to Bob Marley & The Wailers... ooooh i loved these and spent alot of time dancing with the hideous kids, on my own and with them when they came back stoned, pissed and even more stoned....  oooh yeah we're Jamming, Jamming, Jamming, Jamming and i hope you like Jamming too and ..... I spent alot of time here until  I was about 15
Joss wanted to make me a dress so i could be the same as her and Ev but unfortunately i dare not ask mum for the money as she may have wanted to investigate the hippies and i could not risk it!!

Thank you so much hippy house for helping me to grow up, I became quite outragous and daring with my clothes and often Alan and I would swop jeans for a while.... drainpipes that is.

Iron, Lion, Zion, Stir it up ,, but if I could identify a song that really changed my clothes and styles  was
Stand up for your rights - there were other bands but i can't remember them

 Moving onto the  little inbetweeners which i will go into in Part 3  and PUNK time

da da da doodlebug

its not even

da da da

Honestly Sally,  you are as bad as mum for picking me up on wrong lyrics.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Further Scarborough

Ballroom shot ,, this was a dull grey rainy day

Early Morning Scar. Beach, Pls Enlarge

Early Morning on the beach pls. enlarge

Scarlett Noon

Steve, Paula & Scarlett Noon, with Daisy. Michelle with Polly & Finn

Bill & Brent

Another cheeky weekend

Walking up the many steps in Whitby to the Abbey
Tinted in Pink as the daylight  was crap
Very nice invite from brother Bill and wife Michelle to spend a weekend with them in their super duper rented house in Scarborough, how could it possibly be refused.  Wondeful time. Last time been to Scar. was with Pen (sister) and Steve (friend) 2 years ago.The Abbey which we didnt go into as Brent refused to pay the entrance fee - Class!

St Mary's Church next to the Abbey was boring! aside from the boxed in pews,, he he and im laughing because the praying neighbours wouldn't have a clue what you got up to ie. you could be doing anything like reading the new Jilly Cooper book 'Jump' which is what i would do if imprisoned in one or listening to Bishop Allen - brilliant buskering band

Spotted this in Whitby - liked the colours

Love both of these shots

Whitby in pink

Lomo effect whitby

So,,, on to Scarborough
Have to tell you about the house, it was huge.. sea views.. nice decor, ultra modern.. bathroom was enormous, bring NO towels, body dryer - remote woohooo.. great position steps down and your in the middle of Scar. front. Sold it to you yet!!!

Loved the way Bill's and Michelle's arms and other arm move in sync.

Metal Detector - Night shot

Bill and Brent on Scarborough beach at night

walked along the beach and saw the lights reflection on the beach

Night Shot Scar. front - liked the deckchairs with the all the noise and light in the background
Higgledy Piggeldyness of old and new

Bandit days yipeee.. loved it and i won £16 - no idea how but wooohoo

shot early morning

Best Ice- Cream - soooooo nice - Harbour Heights - VIEWER PLS. ENLARGE
feeling in need of a bit of colourisation in Lightroom

Random dog shot in Brid.

Nice wooden lumps in Brid. sea

beautiful mess of beachy stoney, vomit from the sea  & colours