Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Venice street style

Venice ... street style with a bit of cityscape but not much :), bit like being let loose in a sweet shop with no money,  people seemed used sto the camera but got the impression not pointed at them..SWEET
Walk with me.

shot through a window close, up .. attraction one large white fingernail.. hands, nails & bg

 oh she was in full fling, so many fur wearers (mental note to self,, where is that superfit squirrel jacket Portobello Market next time with any luck)

pinks and greys

no reason,, just liked it

actually i dont like it,, far quicker to type error rather than delete
  just loved this street, could take you there but not tell, crap memory for street names

OMG it follows on.. purely a fluke

ah thats better, no this one does not, 2nd shot to ensure at least one of them looked

and she looked at the dogs coat :)

just happened on,, positioned

ah good another bit of that lovely street, the shops are quite something

not so much!!! glad she was behind her counter

venice at night with colours

nice grey canvas


and hanging around,, finally

another window peep

 oh man was she quick, i took just 2 frames of her cleaning her window and she was straight out her shop will never know if she asked me to delete it, her wild hand movements she didnt quite like it

took the F80 and burnt a roll of Kodak 400, photographer not amused at nicking her model

another film shot

fascination with laundry which Matty found a great district

and here it is, thanks again to Matty who effortlessly found it.. so i saw the original at last and read the book whilst there.. Sally Vickers classic Miss Garnets Angel

 moved out to get this as spotted the man


Monday, 11 February 2013

Flickr explore front page

how could i not be happy with this.. i'm in at No. 2 of 500 of the worlds most interesting pics on flickr explore

Sunday, 10 February 2013

New project.. shooting with flash at night.. really liking this!