Tuesday, 19 March 2013

latest shots

Latest shots from around Leicestershire..
More shooting with flash.. liking the shapes/patterns

students at play

 Out boating on a sunny day

 and one that wont go out anymore

Harrison and the football

Ding Dong,, factory had to be open even though it was supposed to start at Easter

VW Jumper Van and bank heist

Alice down the plug hole
  more flash antics at night,  must have been some text to forget you got your pants down on such a bloody cold night

Dave he he sort of suits

liked the textures and colours

grave digging

bit of scape
  at the bedroom tax rally he he.. so funny. loudhailers start the chant ,, unfortunately they forgot to feed the audience the correct response.. so they got faster and faster .. no repetition utter silence till they shouted .. HOW MANY BEDROOMS HAVE YOU GOT '' response from Bill 3
Super tash below

bit of a dodgy catch at times

jumbled mix of audience.. only liked the little girls eye peeking out at me

Uniformed and a lil bit 'Old School'

so they take ages to get ready .. hours to put on the slap .. go out and have these pinched hard little faces

New mobile from Adidas - named by a flickr friend

Pinched and hard

  and some didnt take a long time to get ready

 oh well these did
  and not him i dont think.. think the scratches sort of spoil it