Thursday, 30 June 2011

F80 and D3000 out to play in Groby, Notts & Loughborough

Latest F80 develop using a fuji colour

abstract in the market place in Loughborough

Armed forces day in Nottingham and lost in the toss up for colour in challenge 42

Morris dancers in Groby

over the church wall in Groby

Street fest in Groby

Last day for the students - rallying his golfing troups
  Shot in Manchester
 considered for photo journalism in the challenge  42

couldnt resist it

Morris dancers in groby

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

further challenge considerations

Sileby Scarecrows

Sileby has a scarecrow competition on .. and i think i am a little late getting shots as some have been taken down BAH///

Barrow Road

Estate off seagrave road

unsure whether this was in the competition,,LOL... Quebec farm

Cossington Road Nursery

Boys 2 Men.. hairdressers on the high street

sneaky hipstamatic shot in tescos

Rock n rollers on the high street .. hipstamatic

Inspiration another on the high street = hipstamatic..
favourite for me.. Quebec

Friday, 17 June 2011

challenge considerations

considerations for this months BBphotchallenge.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

American Road Trip St. Scooby Doo Day 12

Day 12 dawns and realisation that the trip will soon be at an end soon.  Another hard day of driving but this time Pen at the wheel all day. 
Its 66 degrees and Georgia feels cold

Entering Tallulah Gorge State Park.. very tree'ey and very mountainous,, we are back in the land of the bears

Stopped at a quaint little town and got a doll for Millie,, lightening McQueen for Jak and Pen got a lil tshirt for Jak that reads 'Brother for sale' 1 dollar plus a very pretty dress for Millie.

Junk shop on the way.. stopped for a nosey
 There are some nice lables to roads and towns

Quite liked the idea of going to 'Flowery Branch' and Spouting Springs Town or driving down 'Horseplay'  or Wolf Den  and especially 'Possum Trot' Road

im giving Pen a short break and it was short.. following excerpt from Pen
Came to Sky Valley by mistake.. (thought we driving through the mountains.. big mistake)..
F**k me.. cannot look, we just passed the highest point in Geogia!   High narrow very very windey roads, still climbing higher, I cannot look, no really!!!! we may die!!!
 Still alive 1.29pm/...... I think i'm gonna puke. I'm not talking cos I dont want to distract her (that's me and i was shit scared too) Pulled over to let all the other traffic pass, maybe we could just live here, it looks quite nice. I'm sure we could get work and a cabin to live in.

Thank you baby Jesus for sending a big yellow tractor thing going at 3 miles an hour..

F**K he just pulled over to let us pass!
I hate polite nice people...

Hate mountains I want to live in a nice flat desert.
Kathy says -  that's it don't want to drive and very nice Pen took over.
 Pen is doing a marvellous job on the wiggliest of roads and ooooooohhhhh to many sheer drops with no barriers..
Loads of hours passed and loads more.. until we arrive in North Carolina..
 Yay,, hello Nathan & Tara,, it's lovely to see you both.

This is it,, the end of the travels and a wonderful nearly 2 weeks on the road..
Next year the mid west... hee hee.

American Road Trip with St Scooby Doo Day 11

The day started off beautifully at 7am a swim in the sea of the Gulf Of Mexico.. how delicously warm and and and and and
Firstly i would like to say thank you to the Nat West Bank , the fraud squad cancelled my card 'in error' and left with penniless!
2nd stop to shopping retail Tangier,,, presents purchased.. thanks to Pen and now on highway 85 north for f**cking ages.. and ages and ages.I am driving at 2.30pm we cross over the stateline into Georgia

(image below shows Pen purchasing some boiled peanuts,, we have seen numerous signs for these and finally decided to try... OH NO..
1.  they are hot and on eating them.. ok these are just ok.
2. they grow a little tepid,, this is what the horrible tomales tasted like,, it must be the top ingredient in this dish.
3. Cold... 3/4 bag chucked away.. they are disgusting

 Stopped at some little town,, that neither of us recorded its name

 Back on the road..

 Didnt take many shots as too busy driving.. plus still f**cked off with the Nat West.. big dampener.
Decided we were not going to stop in Atlanta,, we were going to get to the other side.

OMG.. fast moving traffic,, 6 lanes.. knackered.. few scary moments and St Scooby pulled us through.mPlus TARA TIPS.. we are all just turtles swimming along.. we dont want to think about Nathan's reply to that one.   LOTS OF EYEBALLS GOING ON
Finally arrived through the hell hole of the sprawling Atlanta horrible highways and stop at 10.30pm.. I have driven all day and am shattered.. time for a drink.. check in at Buford Staybridge Suites at 110 dollars.  and in TJ Fridays having a drink.. when on the TV
BIN LADEN IS DEAD.. the whole bar is cheering and whooping and Pres. Obama appears on screen giving a live report.. oh man... does he look old,, not really looked at him for a while... however he is still outragously good looking still...
BED - end of day 11