Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mono - eclectic mix

The following: few shots in Black and White

A jumbly mixture in no particular order

Nottingham Town Hall square, street shot

As above with addition of some choice words thrown at me 
Nottingham street traffic

Paula & I on a sunset search

Praying for some sales

Wrathchild!! What a band fantastic night in the bar at WMC

Millie on a vist last week with Gina

 This is the set of Amadeus, ok getting a bit of that OMG better learn my lines
Props in rehearsal room

Loughborough Market Place Street Shot

Millie & Jak last week

Alternative bookshop subject for challenge 30

We know all about him jamming with Rolf Harris, unfortunately!

Loughborough Market Place, street shot

Nottingham Street Shot, still in 2 minds whether i should have used this one for challenge 31

Jak last week, pondering how to get away with something naughty

Nottingham cafe tucked away in a side street not far from the station.. This just has to be the best cafe, part cafe, part place to park your bike, part womens creative group (which Brent NOT allowed to join - their words ha ha), part art exhib. site, part theatre complete with piano, upstairs more exhibition space. On our 2nd visit we chose NOT to have tea (1st time poured from a house teapot,none too clean and a disgusting taste), but did like the tea cups all colourful higgledy piggledy collection)

really liked the tables, you are invited to write, draw with the large felt-tips in a pot on said table

Loughborough Market place, street shot

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cossington Walk

 started off ok with a lovely walk on sunday.. come with me...

6am sunrise walked through Cossington and shot a few nice scenes

Sunday, 7 November 2010

challenge 29

Subject Anything Goes' Shot in Scarborough, early morning

Subject B&W Biggles bad boy,, I do not think I will use him again,, bad pointage

Subject 'Show me Autumn' Shot in Loughborough Park

Subject running ..Shot in the Outwoods

Subject Litter - Dinnertime

Colour,early morning across the fields

Monday, 1 November 2010

Still Life

Mary Austin's latest
all set for Woodhouse Exhibition


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I'm waiting on somone's promise to ring and it's very very annoying that they have not!!!!!

Family Time

Beautiful Apple tree in mum's next door neighbour's garden..they look so delicious

To the park with Aunty Pawda  and Uncle Bill on saturday and the main reason Jakob who really loves it.. he now wants a skateboard

Walk????? early sunday morning with Brent, took a number of shots,, love these thistles

BIRD,,,, no name,.. just bird.. by rights over 20 years should have a name.. just keeps on going with 1 eye and a dangly toe

Saturday afternoon went to the see the Thunders at a farmers market.. see Gem at the back

Thanks to mum.. Jak is now convinced that the lil leaves on this plant are now spiders

Another shot of Bill with the boy

Real boys like everything they shouldn't!!

Another witchery shot of the thunders