Monday, 28 February 2011

Oskar Kokoschka and Mum

A Mary Austin Copy of her own work & she said never again,, so i questioned whether or not for £1k ,, hmmmm yes maybe ha ha

Railway Children Memory

Poor Little Mice by Kathleen Bridget Brown
(A memory from the eldest of the Railway Children)
Bowls of poison placed everywhere
Parental orders that we left them there
Why are they killing, they’re not being fair
We pleaded, but it did no good

Poor little mice, dying and dead
We gathered, force fed them ,put them to bed
Laid on a match box , tissues at their head
In the back of an old tonka truck
One little mouse its leg we did bind
With a match for a splint, thought we were kind
We searched for them all, not one left behind
And we cared for all that we found

We nursed and we tended day after day
Till all the poor mice had passed away
Couldn’t they find another way
To live in a mouse free home

To all the dead mice a funeral we gave
A prayer at the hole where we’d dug the grave
we blamed our parents for the mice they didn’t save
Poor little mice - all gone.

photo challenge 37

Yay,..... 2nd comp WON IN A ROW

I Spy - Black & White

Anything Goes

Subject - Dirty Rumour


HDR - Little John (that apparently is really Old John haha)

Friday, 25 February 2011

No Smoking Trouser Mistake

Smoking Jacket nah..... smoking pants yay!!!
Least i did yesterday.

Been wearing the patches for nearly 2 weeks now and couldnt understand yesterday when i really wanted an harold badly.. i took one of lil Johns fags(works in the office) and had an imaginary puff on it a few times.,, oooh the craving was bad and i thought,, WHY IS THE HORRID PATCH NOT WORKING

Sal said have you got your patch on ,,, yes yes i said


I had stuck this to my trouser and not to my leg.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011

No Smoking

Not smoking!!  Given up as I have a very annoying crappy cough that threatens to over-ride any speech from anybody on stage.

So,  here we are day 4 dawns

Patch on and red flamed burn mark appears within 20 seconds and itch starts - great! As you have to affix to different parts of the body every day, today I have chosen my leg

NOT to do today,
1.  Do not speak to anybody  this will lessen the chance of biting somebody's head off.

Bitey bitey scratch scratch Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Amadeus Getting Closer

Official Poster

Venticelli 2 - My Oppo Chris

My Script - getting a bit dog-eared

Rehearsals, Wigs & Dummy

Photo challenge 36

Subject Anything Goes

Subject - Urban Decay
Subject Black & White

Subject Colour

Subject - Still Life

Subject - The Wow Factor

Shouting it out!!!!!
Yipeee finally won my second competition in BBphotochallenge

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

the alternative cook book

1st Instalment from the alternative boat cook book

This blog is from our boat cook book,, my comments in red, his in blue and black could be either of us

Liberal use of anything in the cupboard 
Garlic in all
Don't be reluctant to experiment
Get a blender
Got one now
You will notice throughout the book that ingredients depend on finances at the time

Recipe 1       Warm Wintry Belly Warming Soup (Him)
4 potatoes peeled and chopped
2 parsnips
1 red onion
1 pinch of salt and blk pepper
2 lavish tablespoons of dijon mustard

Wait till cooked add 2 cloves of garlic,, cook for a little longer, bring out brenty's cooking toy, 3 slices of bread - cut off crusts
zip the ingredients - serve to grateful kathy who will reciprocate the favour in turn

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Friday, 4 February 2011

Swans and Ballet

Bit of a swan and ballet blog been meaning to mention....Nottingham Theatre Royal last week to see Mathew Bournes Production of Cinderella.  It was entertaining and enjoyable. The prices to sit on tiny little benches £25.00 ok for us but not for poor pregnant Gem in the end she took one of the 4 seats left for production company which the manager kindly consented too. 

Mathew Bournes Swan Lake which I saw at the Lowry in Manchester last year was magnificent and Richard Winsor as the lead swan utterly brilliant. The dancing was superb and although Cinderella was very good the sheer power, the strength that the Swan Lake dancers provided was lacking in Cinderella.

If you haven't seen Black Swan yet, then go see Natalie Portman in this cinematic fantastica, that is if you like ballet with a touch of horror.. Very good


Thursday, 3 February 2011


HDR just trying it out, really brings out the colours in the bricks. used natural setting

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Brancaster Beach

Cromer & Brancaster for the day, very cold and it was the final fling for the Fiat Brava which has now died! It's head gasket is knackered and seeing as how its going to cost over £500 to get it fixed WITHOUT A GUARANTEE it will not be here much longer.