Thursday, 31 March 2011

Even Further adventures in Ludlow/leominster/Hay

Trip Trap Trip Trap over the rickety rackety wooden bridge but first you have to pay the troll who pops out of his house 0.80p and that's just one way into Wales

 Object to see Bookshire AKA Hay on Wye, a place that Paula again has recommended and it was worth the trek,, this is a lovely picturesque village, everywhere you see book shops, lots of second hand book shops and even a bookshop dedicated to poetry. Shot above shows a lil bit of lazy sunny chilling and shot right .. well it just amused me!

Looking down the path from the castle and through to the river.

I said to the man working in the castle bookshop, what a brilliant job you have and he has!Like the honesty boxes nestling amongst the books outside not just here but elsewhere in bookland.
 Shot above right is intentionally not a random one.. I have decided to log all the public loos in villages/towns and cities I visit from now on before they disappear from view...Council's have been told to cut backs and spending a penny on the high street is high on their hit list.Suppose we will get used to seeing men cock their legs up at lamposts. Bring back voluminous skirts i say! Hopefully high on the agenda is to cut off mobile phones, I had a temp job at a local council and one of my jobs was to file mobile phone bills hook out any over x amount, there were hundreds of them  and it took ages.
Onto Leominster... again a lovely market town with many black and white buildings.  Church had a ducking stool which was interesting.

 Ice cream not quite to equal Snugburys in a lovely cafe in the park, I had white chocolate and cherry. Brent being rollered
Onto Ludlow, Shropshire and this was another really lovely town 

 Quality Street and it is.

Shot above right messing about with shadows after climbing the tower at Ludlow Church.. Too misty to get any decent shots
Decided to head home and spotted a brown tourist sign to a church at  Worcester...of much interest to admire the ruins

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Further weekender Mr Pennys House

Spotted this on the road,, WOW ... just about to waltz round the back for a spot of Urbex.. STOP STOP STOP... DO YOU WANT TO GET SHOT
head snap smartish.. farmer on the other side of the road..wandered over to hear the tale.
Man inside aged 70 doesnt take too kindly to visitors.. no way does anyone live in this.. sure enough saw the smoke popping out of the chimney. Eldest of 3 brothers.. one LIVES in the house, another used to live in the caravan in the back and other can't remember both died... anyway they didnt get on.. Farmer is peeved as he wants to buy the house but Mr Penny is not selling.. good on him... Decided i liked Mr Penny but not enough to hang around  and get shot.

Adventure weekend hereford and beyond

 weekender down to a few shires,in no particular order as I am having great trouble moving the shots. so apologies
Hereford was the last stop of the day, shot left of subway , shortened shot due to massive pile of sick.
liked the contrast between the chippie and the indian takeaway or as a friend has noted, could be a brothel and chippie.

Early morning shot from the Wye Bridge in Hereford where the sun tried and failed to make an appearance

above left shot of Wye bridge and above right underneath another bridge, playing with water shots for the challenge.

Ledbury,,nice little town and obsessed still with graffitt on bins and have 8 others all of animals, I MUST GET OVER THIS STRANGE LITTLE HOBBY, above right shot of books on a rip-off restaurant in Much Marcle, paid for 2 sunday roast a cost of £22.50 so i gave her £25 and i waited and waited .. in the end i had to ask for my change..normally i would have left a tip but not to those who assume i was going to give one.. Annoyed!

Above shot in Ledbury on a derelict tourist centre.

We tried and failed 4 times to move away from Much Marcle but the car had a honing to the non-descript village. Finally  onto Dymoch to see the wild daffodils and hopfully catch a cup of tea at the church but a tad too late in the day.. still the yellow flowers were everywhere and shot above right just outside the church.

Onto ... St Marys Church at Kempley.. a beautiful Norman Medieval 12th century with lovely wall paintings re-discovered in the 1870's after the walls were whitewashed during the reformation. shot below shows the circle of life

Actually no it doesn't that shot is third down..very annoying.. 
Anyway the shot below is of the graveyard more daffodills..  getting a little sick of the yellow flowers, they are flipping everywhere and I'm not even attempting to capture them by now.

Tis the prettiest church and the door is one of the oldest still in use in the country. You will have to imagine it.. or get the shot yourself as mine didn't turn out so well..

Ah yes,, the circle of life,, now if i hadn't of had the literature telling me what the pictures of the 12 ages of man were I would never have guessed.

Onto Hereford.. well. one of the reasons to stay here was to visit the cathedral and see the Mappa Mundi,, it never happened as it is closed until April.. so annoying as I would have like to have seen the beast with 1 enourmous foot and also the large eared creature that used its big ears to keep warm by wrapping themselves in them.. oh well another time.

 Few more shots of Hereford and liked the graffitti making use of a boring demolition wall.
Having looked at the map, not too far from Wales and having heard Paula talk about Hay on Wye, that's my next stop,, photos to follows.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mob format 11

Im soooo happy... shot below entered into the Street Noir Section

FORMAT International Photography Festival is curated around the theme of Street photography 'RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Exposures from the public realm' 4th March 3rd April 2011, Derby UK see below for a special street photography Mob FORMAT - an opportunity to take part in the festival this year tag your photos for opp to be part of an exhibition and in the online gallery
The best images will be selected by a high profile jury including Joel Meyerowitz, Louise Clements, Mike Brown, Alfredo Cramerotti and special Guests. Selected images will be exhibited in an evolving exhibition throughout the festival in Derby

....and this one of mine was picked ... honoured!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Stratford Upon Avon

Nice trip out to Stratford Upon Avon with Mum and Brent...and some people are just plain rude ha ha

Strange bird claw markings on the pavement, didnt know what it meant and nothing to describe why?
 Blue, Blue, Blue

Fantastic Bronze sculptures in the gardens.

Mum dickering on  weather to buy the card.. result NO
Dog in a shop window, Liked the reflection in the reflection of the leg from the dogs eye

Hallcroft Garden

Ice Cream Barge

Lava Hedges

Market of kids from schools all plying their wares trying to raise some much needed money.. Spotted this lad doing magic tricks with cards.. Agreed to watch...
choose a card..
ok 4 of spades...
shuffle shuffle from the card maestro....
uh oh.. the card is not in the pack.... start again
choose a card.. ok
queen of hearts
shuffle shuffle
on the back written ... MISSING CARD
Thought that was good!
Much needed Map 

Spring is sprung (above left & Stratford street also above)

Alternative christmas tree on the left and below a few more shots of women in the street considerations for the challenge 

 One of Shakespeares Houses - treasure finding,, and someone just couldnt resist stripping the coins etc
Teddy Bears On Sticks .... And what happens when you destroy the furry weeds

Mums and mine..favourite sculpture