Monday, 31 October 2011

Challenge 46 considerations

Out and about in Loughborough, Leicester, London, Barrow upon Soar, Sileby and GCR

below considered for anything goes


 Film Noir shots

GCR Playing with trains

just liked the reflection
 Carvans at barrow upon soar

london anything goes
  and one for colour
 shot in camden.. considered and nearly put this in for colour

and another considered colour (shot in camden again)

colour consideration,, liked the plane

first of 2 ditched story lines.. shot below taken in camden

colour consideration.. looking for marks and spencers in camden

late afternoon out in Leicester

shot in the shires. considered for anything goes

alternative autumnal shot

this was my autumnal shot,, taken in Loughborough

2nd of my ditched story lines,, this i very nearly went with (taken at GCR Loughborough)

Very very nearly chose this one for autumn (taken in leicester at the clock tower)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Family, Fireworks and Good Time

Family time with fireworks and all round to party with jackets and sausages, pumpkins with mess & fireworks and oh no.. light 3 at once.. lets ditch them ... boring!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I dont want to be an orange unless its firmly attached to the fruit plus naughty horses

Oranges and the meaning of death.
I listened to a woman explaining death to 2 very wide eyed little girls (who had just lost their great grandmother)
you see when you peel the skin off an orange, that's like your skin, just a shell and inside the orange (she says jabbing her chest) thats you, so when the skin comes off  its just a shell you are shedding and they dont die cos they are always in your heart

Please let me be a an orange that is firmly attached to the fruit!
Can't see those kids wanting to eat oranges in the future

There are horses  in the fields next to me and they are nice when they are with their owners

this morning at 7.10am went to my car,, and its surrounded by 5 large horses that would not leave.. not knowing how you talk to them i found myself in cat speak????? ages later after looking but not finding an entrance only padlocked ones i left it to the police to round them up

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Loughborough Vintage Fair

Loughborough Vintage Fair at the Town Hall in Loughborough.. first sight on entrance..

and wandering down the aisles caught this .. lovelorn look

ah yes.. not really in order.. you see went to Loughborough earlier in the day for a very lovely morning stroll with mum.. liked it..

oooh suprise!!!  back to the vintage.. and the scene beckoned for a photo

as did this...

maybe for the next challenge.. hmmmmm  NO

I have to say the cup cakes were delicious.. and i have tasted many.. equal to the ones baked at Nathan & Tara's BBQ in Nantucket
Loved the tattoo.. if I ever ventured into destroying my skin then I would consider this..

so back to Autumnal shots for the next challenge.. quite liked the reflection of autumn

hmmm ha ha.. bit distracted by the daisy's
  and back to autumnal.. what to shoot for this subject.. bright colourful leaves.. lil bit boring.. have to put my grey cells to work

ooooh  SUPRISE.. ..  another vintage considered for Film Noir.. the longing in her face..

My sisters and I

Paula, Pen and myself or Mary Mungo and Midge one of the games we used to play