Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Monday, 19 September 2011


Fashionable accessory.. turn your cremated ashes into a brooch, ear-rings, necklace

Monday, 12 September 2011

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

What the critics are calling 'A classic for a new generation'

Result,, a film for people who have never read the book.

Based on Jane Eyre written by Mills and Boon.

Money back please!

Shooting with Numbers

Thursday, 8 September 2011

ta ta summer

ta ta summer.. it was a fleeting visit we had from you

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bit of Gloucestershire

Enter Gloucestershire and we are meeting at Paula and Tim's in Cirencester for lunch and Steve and Mark? will be there .
so just a quick stop at Tetbury.. lil market going on where Pen bought 2 more books ,, her case will be full of books ha ha but she did get a lovely one on old ships. Dickering over a book for Jakob and wish we had purchased it now.. the book we got has him having nightmares about worms  doh.

some very nice stalls ,,, so very different from Leicester market,, cant say i have seen strings of pearls there

and into Cirencester.. very beautiful town

and Oxfam shop where i stopped Pen from buying this book... both sisters think it looks like me.. oh dear!

for a walk on sunday in Bibury where there were 3 coaches of Japanese tourists that I saw.

most photographed row of Bibury cottages

but i preferred the rich brown soil against the sky

Mark is a jam maker and has a cupboard full of it but didnt stop all from helping picking the berries etc for more.

 very lovely weekend spent with Paula, Tim, Steve and Mark and big thanks to Pen for the road trip = cannot wait till Venice

Bristol part 2

Bristol Part 2  Floods of colour from the street lights especially in the rain

Bristol on a friday night

So we head out to the lanes to catch a rockabilly /psychcobilly band called Bad Roaches - very good! however had to leave as I ended up covering my ears as the sound was soooooo loud..doh
but my all time fave for rockabilly has to be the Jets and my claim to fame OTHER THAN  being asked out by Lionel  the tapper Blair when i was 16 was having a sneaky jive with Bob the bass player before they played a set.  I had the good fortune to be friends with Pam (an ardent rock n roller) who happened to be friends with The Jets..  haven't seen her in years might just catch up with her one day  

If you go to Bristol take in the street art,, it's everywhere and extremely good.

Exit Bristol and back into Gloucestershire

Monday, 5 September 2011

Bristol part 1

Part 2 of road trip weekend -  Enter Bristol - in 2 parts as so many shots taken.

First stop Bristol Abbey of course,, none of the rich patron feel to Tewkesbury - but far finer.. what a gem.,, Pen says ... take a picture of that.. its usually a dog that sits at the feet but NOT THIS.. what the f+++ is that... HA HA HA .. .soooo funny.. its a man sort of liony thing.

Just like it.

pub we visited a little = just down the road was the last night in the streets outside the Old Vic (renovations happening).,.,.. Treasure Island.. however it was sold out.. luckily it was pissing it down.. so put our names down for the countless cancellations that may happen.. but didnt... so we stood just down the road waiting for a phone call.. but they are hardy people in Bristol, unfortunately.

so we decided to view the latest exhibition at the tobacco factory which was wallace and gromit and a few other set pieces advertised in acouple of glossys of Bristol.. so wish we hadnt.. hardly anything to see and when we arrived at 2.10pm (1st day of exhib. opened at 11am) was a total shambles.. the small room was not ready and just a couple of wallace sets to view.. sooooo crap..

some street shops

and now in the rain.. heavy heavy rain..

graffitti is brilliant in this city

loved the graffitti on this police station now dis-used

and the rain just kept on bucketing down

bit suprised to see this workers getting later on a friday night

bit more pubbing.. nice irish one at the top of some steps..